Website Neglect

Thursday - October - 2021

What a year so far. As much as I hate neglecting my website updates, it always seems to slip my mind when the racing season is busy. Year after year, it seems like there is less and less time to spare. Nonetheless, I do my best.

Ill start with Lernerville. Its currently October 7th, and we still don’t have a win there. We have run 2nd on numerous occasions but just cannot close out the race. We were taken out on lap 1 in a heat race back in August and lost a full night of points. With 2 weeks remaining and 21 points out of the lead, we pulled off a heat race win and a 2nd, then backed it up with a 2nd and 3rd in the features. Those results were enough to get us the 2021 Lernerville Championship by 1 point! This makes it our 5th 410 title in 8 years. During these points months, we ran top 3 at the Lernerville $4000 special before breaking spur gears, and also ran top 10 against the World of Outlaws at the Commonwealth Clash, before breaking an axle. We have 1 more race at Lernerville in 2021 to try and get that elusive win, and that is next week during the Steel City Stampede.

During the first weekend in September, we have a back to back weekend show at Tri-City. Each night started with a dominant heat race win. We won Saturdays night one for a cool $3000 pay day but failed to bring that speed back for the Sunday show. We ran 2nd all feature long and faded to 4th on a late race restart.

Our Port Royal nights were up and down. We are continuing to show more speed, but against that level of competition, we still aren’t where we know we need to be. Tuscarora 50 weekend provided us with an incredible amount of luck. Our qualifying was subpar each night but we caught the invert and won our heat races on Thursday and Friday. our first dash win on Thursday gave us the pole starting position. We led 13 laps to begin the night, got passed by better cars and drivers, and finished 5th, our best ever Allstar Circuit of Champion finish. we finished 5th in the dash Friday, started 10th, but quickly fell to the back, lacking speed, and pulled in to save our equipment. Saturday’s story was oddly the opposite. We qualified 8th overall, which was 2nd in our group. We failed to run well in the heat race to lock into the show and relegated ourselves to the B-Main. We fell from 2nd to 7th and our of a transfer spot. lucky enough, a driver ahead of us was DQ’ed and we were awarded the 6th and final transfer position. We started in the back, ran to the 25 lap break, made some changes to experiment and again pulled off after being lapped. Our Port Royal season ended during the Tuscarora 50. We look forward to getting back there in 2022.

Tomorrow, October 8th, we run at Latrobe Speedway for a $3500 to win special. Its the first time the speedy 410 sprints will grave the 1/2 in over a decade. I’m excited to try a new track and hopefully show more speed on a local level. please come out and support the speedway!

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