Waiting on COVID

Monday - May - 2020

First and foremost, all of us here at AJ Flick Racing hope everyone is safe and healthy. This has been an extremely strange, odd, and potentially dangerous situation that most of us haven’t experienced before.

As most of you know, racing has been on hold. We ran 2 races at Port Royal in early March, but since then, the quarantine has forced the closure of many local racing events. The race still sits idle and ready to roll. We have done a lot of research in the down time to try and help us predict and prepare for future racing setups. Basically, we are trying to gauge what our future setups will do to affect the race car. Unfortunately, we still need to get back out onto the racetrack to see if our research is correct. Luckily, I feel pretty good about the work we put in.

Furthermore, we have worked on organizing the race garage and the racecar trailer. We did some small work to our truck to help its towing ability. Sadly, it seems we are running out of things to do. LOL. its been exactly 2 months since I was in a race car and our to-do list is becoming shorter and shorter by the day.

There have been races broadcast on pay-per-view sites but those races have been too far from our location for it to make any sense to race. As much as I love to race, I still need to use my head and race by my checkbook. Wasting money now to race 16 hours away will not help my team or situation when racing does resume in full.

As for now, I sit here like most others. Praying that the Pennsylvania Governor allows the reopening of our economy or allows pay-per-view races at local speedways. Fortunately, with us living on the western side of PA, we have the option to head over to Ohio if they allow racetracks to resume first.

I hope this situation gets figured out shortly. I know of many small businesses that have been forced to close permanently and many people who are struggling to make ends meet. I hope everyone gets through this in a strong manner and life can go back to normalcy, soon.

I wish everyone the best of luck and we will see you all again soon!