Chaos at Path Valley

Monday - July - 2017
Hello everyone. AJ Flick here. Thank you for reading! When I cannot get a professional release made, I will give everyone a personal write-up myself. Enjoy the night at Path Valley through my perspective!
Last night was total chaos from my view. We had a maintenance mistake in the garage this week, which we NEVER have, and didnt find it until we got to the speedway. 6th quick in hotlaps on a super rough and bitey track. Car felt better but we dropped to 23rd quickest in qualifying. I think the track got faster as it went along. Started 6th in the heat and raced to 5th to make the transfer. Couldve had 4th but track wasnt wide enough. Started 20th in the Amain. Got in a lil fender bender at the start when other cars wrecked in front of us. Tweaked the rf torsion tube and ruined the front wing. Kept the car out there. Was passing cars, going for 14th and got a nasty slider put on me. Drilled my left front. I went into the next turn and it wouldnt steer and caught the wall with the RR. Wasnt a big deal but wasnt worth it to stay out anymore. Just popped it out of gear and pulled off. Had a blast but just got too far behind with track position. At least we made it. Beat a lot of good cars. Not how I planned my return to Path Valley going, however, we learned a lot and did have speed. We just couldnt show it because of the speedway and track position. I am looking forward to the next race there no doubt!
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Photo credit to SDS PHOTOGRAPHY