#ChampionLive at Dog Hollow

Monday - October - 2017

Hello everyone. AJ Flick here. Thank you for reading! When I cannot get a professional release made, I will give everyone a personal write-up myself. Enjoy the weekend at Dog Hollow, through my perspective!


Featured Image by Rick Rarer and SprintCarNews.com!


Dog Hollow Speedway announced a spontaneous $3000 to win 410 Sprint Car Race just over a week ago. In a short amount of time, we re-prepped a car and got it ready to race on Saturday October 7th. Fortunately for me, there was an open spot the same day for #TeamChampion Takeover and I was able to fill the void. Doing the Live Takeovers are an absolutely blast, but I do have a word of advice for any future driver that decides to do it. Don’t be like me and pick a track that has no cell service! LOL It sure did make life difficult for Christina and I. But she was so helpful and I did my best to keep everyone updated. Christina did a wonderful job adding all my updates to the Champion social media outlets!

Car was decent in hot laps. It seemed to have speed but I knew we could make it better. We got rushed back in from hotlaps and then immediately sent back out for the heat race. It was truthfully a bit chaotic. Nonetheless, the crew worked hard and we got everything taken care of. Drove from 6th to 3rd in the heat race and a straight up start in the feature meant we would take the green from the 5th position. Honestly, we were just average. I wasn’t the fastest car by any means but I wasn’t the slowest either. I drove hard but had to just settle into the 6th position. I didn’t have the speed to pass anyone in front of me. Racing has nights like that. We have been a little off this year but I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out where my mistakes are coming from. We still have one more big race left in this season and we will work hard to make sure we go out on top!

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