26 - October - 2022

A Phenomenal Season

I have no idea where to begin. Since my last post, we won 4 more feature events and 2 Track Championships. I'll try my best to sum up the end of our 2022 season. Sharon - We won another local race paying $3000 to win. We also went to race against the Outlaws there in...

14 - July - 2022

A Career Year

Its been forever since I had the time to update this site. But man, what a run we went on. I honestly didn't believe we would continue our success after our sweep of the 2022 Western PA Speedweek. It's tough to win these races and figured our luck would end or the compe...

08 - June - 2022

2022 Western PA Speedweek Champion

Wow. What a weekend. 2022 Western PA Speedweek Champion. An event that has been brought back to life by Tyler Biechner. Supported by local partners such as JS Bova Excavating and Shaeffers Specialized Lubricants. An event that consists of running 5 races in 5 days at...

26 - April - 2022

A Special Win

Friday April 22 was a special night of racing. A friend, nicknamed Fast Andy, put up an extra $500 to win. But the meaning is what made the race so much more important. It was in memory of our great friend and longtime supporter Dave Hartman, the owner of Fence by Ma...

20 - April - 2022

Into the Heart of Race Season

The past 2 weeks of racing have been good confidence boosters for our team. We ran 12th on April 9th at Port Royal but feel like we made positive strides with our slick track setup. We started 12th, so frankly, staying in 12th is a solid effort for us. Our biggest ni...

01 - April - 2022

Back to the Grind

I want to say that the weather has been strange to start the year. But to be fair, this is basically a typical spring in Pennsylvania, right? Opening night at Port Royal Speedway was scheduled for Sunday March 6th. It was 30 degrees when we woke up and started drivin...

07 - October - 2021

Website Neglect

What a year so far. As much as I hate neglecting my website updates, it always seems to slip my mind when the racing season is busy. Year after year, it seems like there is less and less time to spare. Nonetheless, I do my best. Ill start with Lernerville. Its curren...

02 - August - 2021

Summer Success

Its been a trying year. many ups and downs. Good runs and heartbreak. Consistency and wrecks cars. BUT.. Fingers crossed, I think we are getting back in a good groove. Tri-City Raceway Park has literally been checkers or wreckers for us this year. We won our 2nd race...

12 - July - 2021

Busy and Behind

I know, I know... I'm not doing a good job keeping my site updated. You are correct. Racing has been in full swing this year. We have had minimal rainouts and the amount of times i've been involved in accidents this year has really limited my free time. We've been fortu...

28 - April - 2021

Local Opening Weekend

I would like to think that our Port Royal experience so far has payed off. The local Lernerville season began this past Friday 4/23/2021. We went 4th to 2nd in the heat race, and 7th to 2nd in the feature. We needed a bit more speed to compete for the win, and slight...

Race Results

Last Race:

Oct 15
Saturday October 15 2022 Lernerville Speedway - Steel City Stampede
Time Trial: 2nd
Heat 2: 2nd
A-Main: 2nd


Upcoming Races:

Mar 05
Sunday March 05 2023 - 2:00pm Port Royal Speedway
Mar 25
Saturday March 25 2023 - 4:00pm Port Royal Speedway
Apr 01
Saturday April 01 2023 - 6:00pm Port Royal Speedway