Building Momentum Towards the End of the Season

Tuesday - August - 2017


Hello everyone. AJ Flick here. Thank you for reading! When I cannot get a professional release made, I will give everyone a personal write-up myself. Enjoy the weekend at Lernerville and Port Royal, through my perspective!


Featured Image by Patrick Miller Photography and The Dirt Network!


Went off Friday to Lernerville as per usual for our team. We tried something a bit different with our suspension package. It seemed to work somewhat well when the track had bite as we won the heat race. Started 3rd in the feature and as the track slicked off, we progressively got worse. The car had no side bite what so ever and we struggled if I couldn’t find moisture anywhere. Nonetheless, we still somehow brought home a 3rd place finish.

We tried the same thing at Port Royal the next night hoping it would work differently bring that Port Royal was a 1/2 mile facility. We ran with the WoO late models on this night. It poured for about an hour before the races began. The track got run in but they ran all of the late models before us because of the time restraints. I started up front of my heat race and just had to be sure to hold a solid line. Track was wicked fast and not wide enough to pass. So it worked in our favor and I won my first heat race at Port Royal. We started the feature in 6th. By the this time, the WoO Lates has buzzed the track off and made it slick up to a big cushion. Unfortunately, the suspension change did the same thing as the night before. I had no side bite on entry and I felt incredibly loose. We dropped from 6th to 11th but learned a lot.

Car is in one piece and we are prepared for next week. We learned more about these setups and cars and will head back to what we know is best and work from there. Still a few months left of this season and we will continue to push towards good results.

Thank you Ferguson Heating and AC, Coopers RV Center, Chernega Construction, Fence by Maintenance Service, Champion, JD Byrider, Stanford’s Glass Service, Townsend Gas and Oil, Alternative Power Sources, and the rest of my marketing partners for the continued support!