A Weekend Near Home

Thursday - August - 2019

Friday August 9th was a night to forget. We rarely have mechanical issues but we were plagued with them at Lernerville. We were very fast in hotlaps and turned some great lap times, without concern. Suddenly, when catching up to the pace truck for our heat race, the car started hesitating badly. It was a light switch where the car had power and would immediately turn back off. I pulled in to try and figure out the issue. We changed a few electrical pieces and went back out to test the car. The issues were still there. We brought the car back in and started changing everything, looking over the fuel system, and checking the valves. We changed as much as we could before heading back out for the B-Main. The issues were still present and we failed to transfer to the A-Main.

Saturday at Sharon was a bit rough but we salvaged a strong finish. Our night started with some experimentation. Some new setups through us off a bit in qualifying and we fell to 2nd in the heat race. A lucky pill draw lined us up outside row 1 for the main event. I dropped to 3rd very quickly, but recovered for 2nd. The car was much more balanced come feature time and we ran well when the money was on the line.

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