Tusky 50 Weekend Recap!

Thursday - September - 2018

The Tuscarora 50 is the biggest race we planned to run all year long. Its a massive paying $51,000 to win show. It was to take place on Saturday with a $5000 to win show on Friday called the Night before the Tuscarora 50.

Both days had over 50 cars show up. All vying for 1 of just 24 spots to make the race.

We carried our momentum from the beginning of fair week to the Friday race. We started off by being 6th quick in hot laps and put down a solid qualifying time which was 10th overall, 2nd fastest in my group. As luck would have it, the rains came and it made the track very very fast and narrow. For the first time ever, my good qualifying lap actually hurt me. We started 3rd, were pinched on the start and fell to 4th in the heat race. Lucky for us, it was good enough to transfer into the main event where we lined up 13th. Our run of speed ended there when I dialed ourselves out of the event with a bad setup. We dropped to the rear of the field and I pulled out to save laps on our motor.

We regrouped for Saturday, ran mid-pack in hot laps on a sealed over and hard surface. Missed the invert by a few spots in qualifying, went out for our heat race #1 and got stuck on the track when the rains came again. We were pulled off the speedway with 4 laps down but the rain never stopped and the night was cancelled. The rain continued, literally nonstop on Sunday and the make up date was cancelled as well.

Thank you Ferguson Heating and AC, Fence by Maintenance Service, Chernega Construction, Champion, Steel City Indoor Karting, Johnny Carpet, JD Byrider, Stanford’s Glass Service, Townsend Gas and Oil, DMI, Fluid Film, Smith Titanium, Bell Racing, and the rest of my marketing partners for the continued support!

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