Slick Track Struggles at Sharon

Tuesday - August - 2017

Hello everyone. AJ Flick here. Thank you for reading! When I cannot get a professional release made, I will give everyone a personal write-up myself. Enjoy the recent Sharon race through my perspective!

Header Photo by Haley Lepcevich!

Mother nature again ruined our plans last Friday night. We arrived at Lernerville Speedway and the races were cancelled.

Nonetheless, we stayed loaded up and drove to Sharon Speedway in Hartford Ohio for their tribute race. The speedway has a new clay surface that was laid down over the winter. It is a very nice surface but it gets incredibly slick. We started 5th in the heat race and finished 6th. Our LR was ice cold but the RR was incredibly hot. We tried to adjust for that come feature time and search for that missing forward drive. We did change the balance of the car but we weren’t prepared for how the car was going to act. I still lacked drive, but it was in a different manner than in the heat race. We needed a few more adjustments to get the car better. But our adjustments did show the potential to get a bit better in the future. It gets frustrating at times when you get beat so badly, but it also makes myself and my team work that much harder to get faster. We are just so inconsistent right now and need to get back on track.

Weather doesn’t look good again for this coming weekend but if we race, we will be prepared.

Thank you all for the continued support!

Photo by Rick Rarer and!