Disappointing Silver Cup Wont Set Team Back

Thursday - July - 2017

Hello everyone. AJ Flick here. Thank you for reading! When I cannot get a professional release made, I will give everyone a personal write-up myself. Enjoy the Don Martin Memorial Silver Cup through my perspective!


All Photos by Cory Stivason and Stivason Photos!


The night started off worse than we had hoped. The motor was popping in qualifying and of course it gave us a terrible time. Timed 30th out of 40. Lined us up 8th in the heat race. I almost pulled it off by going 8th to 5th on the first lap to put ourselves in the show but just couldnt get cleared of the competition and we filed back into line.


Since we did not transfer out of the heat race, we had to fall back on qualifying times which put us on the pole of the C main. Led every lap and won it. Started tail of the B-main. Track was still fast and there wasn’t much passing going on. We had kind of remained stationary so we just pulled off and took the track provisional.


Started 25th in the A-main. Had a great start. Was up to about 20th. Faster than some of the cars in front but they were racing 3 wide for about 4 laps in a row. I went to the top in 1 & 2 to try and get some momentum cause i knew the leaders were coming and I pushed to hard. Went over the hill, got lapped, and just filed into line at the bottom. Ran there for a few more restarts to see if we could get any spots from wrecks and just putted around out of the way. Pulled out at lap 20 to save equipment.

Very Frustrating to constantly struggle when there are big money races on the line at your home track. But that is how the sport goes sometimes. You cant control a mechanical failure and it was just bad timing. We are already looking forward to the Commonwealth Clash in September!