15 - August - 2019

A Weekend Near Home

Friday August 9th was a night to forget. We rarely have mechanical issues but we were plagued with them at Lernerville. We were very fast in hotlaps and turned some great lap times, without concern. Suddenly, when catching up to the pace truck for our heat race, the car...

14 - August - 2019

AJ Flick Gets Biggest Win Of Career

AJ Flick Scores Biggest Win Of Career, At Port Royal Dream Race $12,000 Pennsylvania Posse Payday Part Of Banner Season For No. 2 Team FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   8/8/19 Apollo, Pa- After a thrilling battle with Jared Esh, Apollo’s AJ Flick scored the biggest w...

09 - August - 2019

Catching Up

Its been busy. I've been slacking on my website. But what else is new, right? I think there has been 11 races that have passed since my last update. Ill explain them below but wont be able to go through a full detailed recap like usual. Maybe as the year ends, I'll gain...

26 - June - 2019

Continued Progress

Friday night was an off night due to the WoO Late Models being at Lernerville for the Annual Firecracker 100. We loaded up to go to Port Royal on Saturday, as is usual. A mid pack pill draw lined us up to start 5th in heat 3. The car ran very well but we just weren't...

17 - June - 2019

In The Name of Consistency

Consistency wins championships. Sure, that's great and all, but lets be realistic. Everyone wants to win, every time they hit the speedway. We are close, but we need to keep finding a bit more speed to start competing for the winning position week in and week out. Ou...

07 - June - 2019

Wins and The Weikert

I’ve been slow on keeping my site updated. That’s on me, so I apologize. No lets back it up to May 24th as we strolled into Lernerville for a regular fab 4 night. Good pill draws this race day, set the tone. We started pole of the heat race and won. Then started ...

21 - May - 2019

Zero to Hero

The weather has been so off an on. Weekly, we stare at the computer or our phones checking for updated weather patterns. We caught a break as the weather stayed south and we loaded up for Lernerville on Friday. [caption id="attachment_513" align="aligncenter" width="...

29 - April - 2019

Regaining Composure

We caught a break in the weather yet again. It seems to rain most of the week, including Fridays, but the weather always parts for us to get to Port Royal on Saturdays.   This was a strange night for us. We did come to the speedway with a slightly different s...

17 - April - 2019

Beginning the 2019 Season

The weather has been strange lately. One day its freezing cold, the next is melting hot, then it rains, then it snows, and the process starts over again. Luckily, the past few Saturdays have cleared up and allowed us to get to the Speed Palace at Port Royal. We began ou...

18 - December - 2018

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers To Sponsor AJ Flick...

Story By: Justin Snyder/ BeerHill Gang TV     Following the announcement that Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group Inc (LVRG), a regionally owned and operated Red Robin franchisee of 21 restaurants that serves the Lehigh Valley, Northeast PA, Southeast PA and Harrisbur...

Race Results

Last Race:

Aug 17
Saturday August 17 2019 Port Royal Speedway
Heat 1: 4th
Heat 2: 4th
A-Main: 3rd


Upcoming Races:

Aug 31
Saturday August 31 2019 - 6:00pm Port Royal Speedway
Sep 01
Sunday September 01 2019 - 6:00pm Selinsgrove Speedway
Sep 02
Monday September 02 2019 - 6:00pm Port Royal Speedway